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Masonic Lodge Information - Schoharie County Lodge

Schoharie County Lodge
Schoharie, New York
Schoharie County Lodge Information
I am searching for information concerning this Lodge since my Uncle Fred H. Teeple was a Past Master; my Aunt Joanne Teeple is a Past Matrine of the Eastern Star; my grandfather Earl Daniel Hanchett was the Officer in State and 32nd Degree Past Master of Lodge #9 in New Lebanon, New York as my grandmother, Florene Raslee Hanchett was also a Past Maitrin of the Eastern Star in New Lebanon. This is such an honor to have my family heritage as honorable fraternal brothers and sisters of the Freemason's; wherein I can only hope that now I am in the Schoharie, New York area wherein my Uncle and Aunt had begun their prestigious live's in 1959; could possibly be taken into consideration as an initiate of this grand Freemason Fraternity and uphold my family heritage and carry on the honor it has brought my family and myself. I am a fifth generation stone mason and general contractor completely EPA, OSHA and EPA Certified as required by law with a great reputation I built here in respect and honor of my grandfather's who passed before me with such great talents they shared with me growing up and I have now turned into a heritage business. Now, my personal goal is to share the fraternal brotherhood with pride and honor to join the Freemasons. I know and understand I must start as an initiate and will work as hard as I can; with all respect and privacy given to such a great, respectable and honorable fraternity. Thank you for taking the time and patience for considering my correspondence inquiring in this Lodge and I do hope you can help me as much as possible to continue to carry on my family's heritage and to grow within myself and with the fraternity as a true brother should. With all respect and honor, Daniel Earl Hanchett, Dan Hanchett, General Contracting and Stone Masonry 1204 Charlotte Valley Road Summit, New York (Home/Business)518-287-1657 ~ or ~ (cell) 518-657-9609
Contact Schoharie County Lodge #491
Contact Name - Daniel E. Hanchett
Telephone - 518-657-9609
Email Address - stone.mason27@yahoo.com
Schoharie County Lodge Website
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Schoharie County Lodge
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